Years of field testing has gone into perfecting Signal 11 Lures. Fresh high quality urines and homemade old school tinctures have made our lures stand out over other mass produced and lesser quality lures. We are hunters and we make our lures for hunters so that they may have more successful enjoyable hunts! Our products have been used by hunters for many years and are field proven winners! As the owner, I enjoy testing different high quality blends to find out what draws deer out of hiding and into range. I have been very successful and so will you. Try some and you will see what I mean. My favorite methods for scent dispersal are; Drag rags and scent wicks. I also love using various types of drippers with my lures. I make scrapes that drive deer crazy by using "WET SPOT" and pre rut and during the rut.

Bucks go crazy! Use a day time dripper and pull them to the scrape during daylight. Follow us on facebook and Instagram. Try some you won’t be sorry! Good luck hunting!