Turkey-Ops pot call Slate Curly Maple

Turkey Ops Mouth Call
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Limited Edition Turkey-Ops slate pot call.

This is a beautiful hand made with beautiful Curly Maple woodand a slate calling surface over glass sound board with a laminated birch with Maple top striker!

The sound is out of this world!

A quality call like this should sell for easily $60 dollars, but I want these in the hands of my customers.

The Curly Maple is from Ohio, slate is from Pennsylvania and the 2 piece striker is incredible! 

This call produces rich wild Turkey sounds. Realistic soft purrs, putts, yelps, clucks and cuts. Run it soft or as loud as you want! 

*Slate surface for that true deep sound

*High quality glass sound board

*Premium Ohio Curly Maple

*One of the best strikers we have ever sold 

*Beautiful with fantastic sound 


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