"Tramp Stamp" Estrus Doe in Heat Buck Lure (2oz)

"Tramp Stamp" Estrus Doe in Heat Buck Lure (2oz)
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"Tramp Stamp"TM Estrus Doe in Heat Lure is the Hottest and Freshest Estrus Doe in Heat Lure on the market! We use FRESH high quality doe in heat deer urine collected during the peak of the estrus cycle. This product also contains extracted vaginal scent PLUS secret signaling agents which really spikes the interest of bucks shortly before and throughout the entire mating season. Customers that have used "TRAMP STAMP"TM say it’s not worth hunting without this GEM! They also have told us that in conjunction with "BUCK YOU!"TM The woods come alive with incredible action! If you add a decoy....LOOK OUT! 


We are selling this lure all over the US from pre rut right through 2nd rut. This is the most consistent buck attractant rut lure on the market!


This is not the mass produced low quality lures you may be used to. You are getting what you pay for. High quality fresh lure that attracts BUCKS! End of story. This is MUCH more than just urine.


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