Jersey Fluke Bellies-White

Jersey Fluke Bellies-White
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 Due to demand please allow 5 to 10 days for order to be shipped on all mail order fluke bellies. We will try to get them out sooner. 

This is the newest RAGE saltwater angles are using with success! Jersey Fluke Bellies are a soft plastic 6" bait that looks and fishes like a real Fluke Bellie! Scented with Lip Glu, this is a fantastic trailer for Bucktails and Jigs. Yes, It can also be fished alone. 6 bellies per jar, pre scented! Tails can be cut.


NOTE in 2019 we are switching to bait bags as we use up all of our jars. Your Jersey Fluke Bellies could be shipped in jars or bags depending on what we have.

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