Fresh Earth Cover Spray 4oz

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Our Fresh Earth cover scent is one of the best we have ever tested! It is very hard to beat as a cover scent.

Deer are not alarmed by Fresh Earth, making it an excellent cover and a MUST for every hunting back pack! 

 A little Fresh Earth scent goes a long way. Our 4oz bottle is perfect for your back pack or pocket and it has a cap, so it doesnt get all over your gear.

Spray under boots, mist from stand or spray vegetation in your hunting area, spray ground blind etc.... Mask your odor!

Spray Covers and Attractants available in, Pine, Apple, Sweet Corn, White Oak Acorn, Fresh Earth, Cedar, Sage and Hardwoods.  

*IMPORTANT* Price includes FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48! 4 oz spray bottle. 

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