Enforcer Ozone

Enforcer Ozone
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Enforcer Zone Portable Ozone generator. Price includes FREE SHIPPING and FREE PROTECTIVE CASE!

This unit is fantastic and comes with a 2 year warranty!

Use it for removing all odors and bacteria from you hunting clothes, ground blind, vehicle, washer and dryer, hockey bag, sports bags, rooms in your home, hunting cabin etc...

All you need is a cheap plastic tub to put your hunting clothes in and then place the Enforcer into the tub, turn it on and close the lid. Odor free hunting clothes. Optional hunting bag is sold seperately and is a great travel bag or hanging gear closit. The Enforcer Genorator fits in a special compartment and make a fantastic unit!

No need to bring any ozone into your tree stand! Be scent free before entering the field!    

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