Crazy Bacon Bear Attractant

Crazy Bacon Bear Attractant
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Crazy Bacon Bear Attractant is a dual mode attractant as it has a mild smokey bacon aroma BUT has a strong fantastic bacon flavor!

 This stuff drives bear crazy and keeps them coming back for more.

*NOTE* this prouct has a strong flavor and a very slight aroma. It is a food grade flavor product, it works by increasing your games desire to keep eating anything this product is sprayed on. It is not a scent attractant.  

Spray on ground, corn, grease, bait piles, vegitation, popcorn, tree bark etc. 

Easy to carry, cap over spray top, 8oz is enough for aprox 400lbs of corn, use without corn and no one will see where your hunting.  

The 8 ounce spray bottle will give you plenty for multiple hunts!

This premium attractant will turn anything into bear bait! They will come in and keep coming back. It will also continue to work in bad weather.


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