Bug Repel SINGLE bottle 4oz

Bug Repel SINGLE bottle 4oz
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  • Item #: Bug_Repel 4oz Single bottle

(1 Bottle, 4oz) 

All Natural Bug Repel is excellent for Hunters! The natural Cedar wont spook Deer and acts as a cover scent while keeping bugs away! Kills Mosquitos, Fleas, No See Ums, Ticks, Chiggers, Flies, Bed Bugs and More! Spray directly on skin, clothing, deer blind etc..wont sweat off or stain! Also safe for use on your pets.

Customers use this for camping, sporting events, hotel room to prevent bed bugs, around the doors and widows at home etc...

Hunters spray their clothes and skin, the inside of their ground blind, tress stand, around trail camera to keep ants out etc,... 


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