"BUCK YOU!", Dominant Buck Lure (2oz)

"BUCK YOU!", Dominant Buck Lure (2oz)
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"BUCK YOU!"TM is a Dominant Buck lure for use during the rut. Dominant buck urine, tarsal gland, Pre orbital & interdigitatal scent, PLUS special signaling agents!


"BUCK YOU!"TM an excellent RUT CRAZED BUCK intruder response lure!! Start using about two weeks before and during the peak rut! Use in natural or mock scrapes or to lay a rutting buck trail. GREAT while grunting or rattling or with decoy.This was made for the RUT to pull the BIG BOYS out during hunting hours.
Use this pre rut, 1st rut and 2nd rut. Great stuff!

 2 ounce bottle

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