(1 pack) Bottom Bling! Chartreuse

(1 pack) Bottom Bling! Chartreuse
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(1 Pack) at an introductory price with free shipping for a limited time only. 

All new Bottom Bling baits are a soft plastic 5" stip that drives bottom flatties crazy!

Fluke, flounder, striped bass, halibut etc...  

Cooked in Lip Glu scent, not just sitting in liquid, better action, more durable, easy to hook and unhook, NEVER dries up rock hard, always plyable and ready to catch fish, no mess baits.

Dont have time to stop at a bait shop? No problem just keep a few packs of Bottom Bling baits handy.

Bottom Bling baits are a fantastic trailers for Bucktails, jigs, teasers, spoons etc..

You can easly split the tail. Great colors with flashy flake and scent!

Incredible Flattie bait! You can recharge Bottom Bling baits with any of our Lip Glu gells or oils (sold separately). 

6ct per bag. 

Free shipping (limited time price)


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